Blackboard (H1)

  • This site is meant to demonstrate the Pages and Apps that are available to you while setting up your website. The page types are listed to the left, as menu items. The app types are listed below.

    Pages (H2)

    There are fifteen (15) different page types. Each contains one or more apps in a pre-configured way. You are able to add or remove apps from any page, regardless of page type and you are able to change the layout of the page by selecting Manage Apps and Layouts in the page editor workspace.

    Manage Apps and Layouts (H3)

    • Click Manage Apps & Layout link
      • Notice the blue highlighted box that indicates you are in management view
      • You must click the I'm Done button to exit the management view
    • Add App
      • Select the App type you wish to add
      • Notice the list of apps of the selected type that you have already created and may re-use, or
      • Click the Create New button and give your app a meaningful name 
    • Change Layout
      • Notice the green checkmark that indicates the current layout
      • Select the desired layout and click the Apply button
      • NOTE: a 3-column layout is useful to display information that you want to be read top-down, over-right top-down, over-right top-down instead of using a table, which would read left-to-right and lose its meaning

    Manage Apps & Layouts Flowchart


    Apps (H2)

    There are 38 app types available for you to use to build your page. You can have multiple app types on the same page. For example, this text is in a Content App.

Last Modified on March 21, 2022