Alignment and Selection Tool

  • The Regional Implementation Team has finalized the Alignment & Selection Tool, which serves as a framework to help teams makes decisions about whether to:

    • Participate in a new initiative, program, or pilot project
    • Purchase new curriculum resource materials
    • Purchase new assessments, data systems, or educational software
    • Apply for a new grant
    • Continue using current materials or participating in current initiatives that appear to be redundant with one another

    These are high-stakes decisions that require careful consideration. The Alignment & Selection Tool helps teams make the most informed decision possible. First, teams identify components of existing and prospective initiatives. Next, gaps and redundancies with existing and prospective initiatives are identified. After that, teams look critically at need, fit, evidence, capacity, resources, and readiness for implementation. Finally, teams answer a series of questions that help guide them to a final decision.

    By following this process to inform high-stakes decisions, ISD and district teams can improve efficiency, reduce redundancy, and ensure that the right initiatives are undertaken at a time when they are most likely to be successful. The Alignment & Selection Tool follows a simple, straightforward format with guidance throughout the document to make directions clear. Those seeking additional guidance on how to use this tool are encouraged to contact Ruthanne Stark or Joe Sbar.