• Special Education Teacher Consultants-Learning Disabilities provide support to local education agencies in developing and implementing special education supports and services.  The Teacher Consultant-Learning Disabilities works directly with teachers and staff as well as with students and families.

    Special Education Teacher Consultants help students to:

    • Develop personal and academic goals designed to support individualized post-secondary goals
    • Develop transition plans and explore transition related activities
    • Develop self-advocacy skills
    • Identify barriers to academic success and work together to eliminate barriers
    • Access the general education curriculum through their IEP (Individualized Education Plan)

    Special Education Teacher Consultants help teachers and staff by:

    • Developing and implementing individual plans to support student access to and progress in the general education setting
    • Coordinating supports and services to ensure a continuation of integrated care
    • Identifying and eliminating barriers to educational success
    • Providing guidance and support in order to meet student needs

    Special Education Teacher Consultants are:

    Certified Special Education Teachers