Hearing Impaired Teacher Consultant

  • Role and Function of Teacher Consultant for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

    The Teacher Consultant (TC) for Hearing Impairment (HI) will participate in the IEPT evaluation process, service provision, and keep records of student progress. Service delivery may be direct or indirect depending upon the student’s needs. Direct instruction in the English Language Arts area, or other core content areas might be provided. The TC will provide consultation to teachers who have hearing-impaired students in their classrooms, and will collaborate with Speech Pathologists, and other Ancillary Staff. Special Education support can be provided in the homes with the families of Early Childhood learners. If necessary, the TC is mandated to provide services to eligible students from birth to age 26.


    The TC will write an evaluation review plan upon receipt of referral. He/she will work with parents, otolaryngologists, otologists, and audiologists to obtain medical reports and determine educational and/or developmental implications of the hearing-impairment. The TC will review and explain the medical reports related to hearing levels, functional listening levels, age of onset, age of amplification intervention, and rate of progress of listening skills. In the classroom, personal amplification interface with FM systems or sound field systems might be considered for hearing aid users and cochlear implant recipients. The TC will facilitate the student’s MET team by providing implementation of effective classroom instructional supports and accommodations. The TC will administer standardized assessments; Those assessments with Deaf or Hard of Hearing norms should be considered. English Language Arts assessments in reading comprehension, vocabulary, speech, grammar and expressive writing can be administered. American Sign Language skills might be evaluated, if the student utilizes manual communication. In addition, the TC will follow the student’s academic progress and personal/social behavioral skills to provide necessary data and educational intervention.