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    The Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist (MRIS) program provides intensive intervention training and develops teaching expertise in mathematics. The program includes addition and subtraction, structuring numbers, number word sequences, and number identification with the final days of training to include place value, multiplication, and division.  As a result of completing this course, professionals because certified Math Recovery® Intervention Specialists with new tools for assessment and instruction in early numeracy.

    Designed for: 

    • All certified elementary teachers who have at least three years of teaching experience with at least some of that experience involving the teaching of mathematics.
    • Mathematics teachers as well as building and district intervention leaders and coaches with special benefit to those involved with mathematics intervention.
    • Professionals working with students not meeting grade level standards.

    Benefits of the MRIS Course

    Educators receive: 

    • A Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist kit including teaching materials and texts.
    • Four days of initial professional development that prepares the teacher to administer and analyze Math Recovery® intervention.
    • Four days of additional development that prepares the teacher to provide Math Recovery® intervention.
    • Four days of culminating professional development that extends beyond early numeracy topics.
    • A framework for intensive, individualized teaching to help advance low attaining students so they are likely to be successful learners in a regular classroom environment.
    • A detailed study of the Learning Framework in Number and the Instructional Framework in Early Number.
    • A deeper level of instruction and learning through a constructivist learning theory perspective.
    • Tools to provide timely and targeted instructional support. 

    Students receive:

    • New math skills as they move from being the lowest in their classes to achieving better grades with the average or above average students. 

    MRIS Process

    Math Recovery® Intervention is a one-year course.  Participants work with students for 40-60 lesson cycles in a one-on-one, videotaped setting.

    Special note:
     Prior to starting the program, the district administration must provide a written commitment to support all staff development time, one-on-one assessment and teaching time, and planning time.

    Extra Benefits 

    Year Long Support 

    • A minimum of four one-on-one coaching sessions with a Math Recovery® leader in an online format.
    • A minimum of three facilitated collegial team meetings.

    MRIS Course Work Requirements 

    Teachers are expected to:

    • Complete 100 hours of one-on-one videotaped Math Recovery® teaching.
    • Submit two projects that include written and video documentation with written reflections of both student and professional growth. 
    • Participate in all professional development and ongoing support.
    • Assess students using MR intervention assessments.
    • Complete an assessment and case study project.
    • Learn to identify and select students for MR intervention.
    • Develop expertise in early number development and instruction.

    At Completion of the Program

    At the close of the year of professional development, the supporting Math Recovery® leader will approve Math Recovery® Specialist designation.  A teacher has two years to complete all requirements and be recommended for certification.

    For more information, go to www.mathrecovery.org