• LifeSPAN programs in four area elementary schools: 

    Brimley Elementary School

    Rudyard Elementary School

    Ojibwe Charter School

    Three Lakes Academy

    Cooking with Kids is direct education experience preparing and tasting healthy foods through an evidence based curriculum.  The Nutrition Facilitator teaches 6 lessons that will help increase the probability that students will eat more fruits and vegetables.  Students in grades K-3 will participate in fruit or vegetable taste testing lessons which incorporate math, botany, social studies and literacy.  In addition to the taste testing lessons, the 4-5/6 grade students will learn to cook with the featured fruit or vegetable. The hands-on cooking and tasting lessons promote affordable healthy foods through fruits and vegetables that grow in Michigan. 

    In elementary schools, the Nutrition Facilitator models free or low-cost physical activities (FitBits™ and Rec-Connect™ PA demonstrations) and discusses the importance of nutrition and physical activity together.

    FY20 Schedule

    Lesson One: Exploring Fruits and Vegetables


     Rainbow of Colors


    Lesson Two:Melons





     Lesson Three: Beans





    Lesson Four: Dried Fruit


    Dried Fruit



    Lesson Five: Asparagus






      Lesson Six: Stone Fruit


      Stone Fruit



    Lesson Make-Up (Due to snow days, etc.): April & May

Last Modified on August 27, 2020