• State of Michigan PSAT/SAT Information

    Updated June, 2015


     PSAT Testing

    Given to students as PSAT 8 and PSAT 9/10 in the spring, for free.

    There is a version that is available to administer in the fall, but individual school districts who choose this additional test must order the materials directly from College Board.

    PSAT 9/10 is required by state law for all students.

    The test WILL NOT be used for student accountability in 2016.


    SAT Testing

    The SAT test will replace the current ACT test as part of the state’s M-Step assessment, free of charge.  ACT will continue to   administer the WorkKeys assessment, which is April 13, 2016.

    The test day for the SAT is April 12, 2016 for all juniors in the state of Michigan.

    Online testing windows will not open prior to April 11, 2016, and will end by May 27, 2016.

    This window also includes the M-Step test.

    SAT Test Facts

    Students with disabilities should register with College Board at least eight (8) weeks prior to the testing date.  Each case is reviewed; no one is automatically approved for receiving accommodations.   A student is approved only once for all PSAT or SAT tests taken during the high school years.

    Student IEP’s must be updated by resource room teachers and professionals in order for them to receive accommodations. If there is evidence that a student should not be tested, then the student will not be penalized. Alternate testing is being researched.  

    Parents/students will not be charged for the SAT test.  SAT simply replaces the ACT as part of the state’s M-Step assessment system.

    SAT is not linked to common core.
    Michigan colleges and universities already accept and use the SAT for admissions, so there will be very little change in college admissions policies and procedures.
    SAT is a globally-recognized test, accepted by nearly every college in the nation.
    SAT is aligned to Michigan Content Standards in that there are additional item types beyond multiple choice.

    What the SAT Looks Like

    The three (3) sections of the SAT cover Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (200-800 points), Math (200-800 points), and Writing. 

    The Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math tests take three (3) hours to administer.  Writing is one (1) 50-minute session.

    Student outcomes for ELA sections are based on performance in the following areas:

           Relevant Words in Context:

                          -        Interpretation of Meaning
                          -        Mastery of Relevant Vocabulary
                          -        Close Reading


                          -        Interpret and Synthesize Evidence from Text
                          -        Support Answers
                          -        Integrate Ideas into Thorough Reading and Visuals

           Writing – Essay to Analyze a Source

                          -        Mirrors College Writing
                          -        Close Reading, Careful Analysis, Clear Writing
                          -        Reading Argument, Analyzing Author’s Work
                          -        Common Prompt, Clear Evaluation Criteria
                          -        Scoring by two graders – scores combine for the student’s total score.

    One point is awarded for correct answers on the multiple choice sections. Zero points are awarded for unanswered questions or for wrong answers. Students are not penalized for wrong answers or for leaving an answer blank. 


    SAT Test Prep and PD

    Free professional development (PD) will be offered in the fall of 2015.

    Free practice tests are available at Khan Academy.

    College Board will release items and item level information in future Spotlight reports.


    Helpful Links

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    MDE Website    Check "Spotlight" publications on this site for updated information as it becomes public.

    MASA Website     ACT to SAT document -- search SAT to find links that direct you to the 103-page document.

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