Portfolio Requirements for High School English/Language Arts


    What Is a Portfolio?

    A portfolio is a limited sample of student writing that reflects his/her achievement and growth over time and includes evidence of self-reflection. A student should choose original pieces that represent his/her growth as a writer.


    Portfolio Components:  10th Grade

    Five pieces of writing, including:

    1.      Personal -- Narrative, persuasive, or descriptive  

    2.      Literary -- Compare/Contrast

    3.      Research -- An assignment with proper documentation

    4.      Timed – SAT Prep

    5.      Reflective --  Describes the author's growth as a writer


    Reflective Piece Description and Rubric

    The reflective piece describes a student's opinion of his/her growth as a writer over the course of the school year. Using the Six Traits or the "traits of good writing," the student analyzes his/her development as an author. Make sure he/she references specific evidence from the five selected pieces to support claims.




    Portfolio Accommodations for Special Education

    Accommodations must be given in accordance with the personal curriculum, Individualized Education Plan, or Section 504 plan. For specific accommodations and/or modifications, see the personal curriculum modification document.