Portfolio Requirements for High School English/Language Arts

    What Is a Portfolio?

    A portfolio is a limited sample of student writing that reflects achievement and growth over time and includes evidence of self-reflection. The student chooses original pieces that represent his/her growth as a writer.


    Portfolio Components:  9th Grade

    Five pieces of writing, including:


    1.      Personal – Narrative, persuasive, or descriptive

    2.      Literary – Thoughtful response to literature

    3.      Research – An assignment with proper documentation

    4.      Timed – SAT Prep

    5.      Reflective – Describes the author’s growth as a writer


    Reflective Piece Description and Rubric

    The reflective piece describes a student's opinion of his/her growth as a writer over the course of the school year. Using the Six Traits or the "traits of good writing," the student analyzes his/her development as an author. The student should reference specific evidence from the five selected pieces to support his/her claims.




    Portfolio Accommodations for Special Education

    Accommodations must be given in accordance with the personal curriculum, Individualized Education Plan, or Section 504 plan. For specific accommodations and/or modifications, see the personal curriculum modification document.