Ongoing assessment is a multi-faceted and continual process as our region strives to accurately measure and assess the :
    • Quality of the educational programming for our students on the spectrum
      • Universal Supports Assessments and Planning Tool (USAPT) which involves the implementation of classroom or building-level evidence based supports and strategies.  These strategies are considered critical for the vast majority of students with ASD, and have been identified as highly effective practices in teaching and supporting students with ASD in integrated environments.
      • Autism Program Quality Indicators (APQI) - A self-review and quality improvement guide for schools and programs serving students with autism spectrum disorders.
      • Enhancing Instructional Contexts for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (EIC-ASD) - The rubric in the tool provides a framework for assessing the ability of instructional contexts to support students who have ASD and is designed to be used across age and ability levels in a variety of instructional settings.  The EIC-ASD can be used to identify best practices in place for students with ASD as well as elements that need to be addressed to improve instructional contexts.
    • Progress of communication, social, and academic goals for our students on the spectrum:
      • The EUPISD uses the "Systematic Assessment System - Autism" (SAS-A) to assess student skill level in the areas of basic learning, communication, social, and pre-academic areas.  To obtain the tool, please contact Carrie Carr (ccarr@eupschools.org).