• Transition Assessment

    Transition assessments, surveys, evaluations and information have been relocated.  Please contact Jennifer Jahn, EUPISD Special Education Administrative Assistant for access.

    Vocational Evaluation: set of formal or informal assessments designed to assess the interests and aptitudes of transition age students. The following formal assessments are available for check out from the EUPISD to use in the completion of a vocational evaluation: OASIS-3: Aptitude Survey, OASIS-3: Interest Survey, Transition Planning Guide-2, ARC Self-Determination Survey, and ESTR-III. 

    Please contact Patricia Jones, Transition Supervisor, for more information: 

    Patricia Jones

    (906) 632-3373 ext. 5122


    National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT) and the Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment have many great resources. 

    Click here to visit the NTACT website.

    Click here to visit the Zarrow Center website.