Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plans

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Centralized Evaluation Team (CET) Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Process

  • A local district can request a Centralized Evaluation Team (CET) Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) from the EUPISD when a student is demonstrating behaviors that are of a severe intensity - at least 2 of the following are true:

    • The student is a danger to self/others

    • Instances where significant interventions have been utilized (such as emergency restraint has been used, classroom has been cleared - at least 3 instances in a two week period)

    • When there is consideration for a change in placement to homebound services


    A local FBA must have been completed within past year with strategies implemented for at least 10 weeks. The completed FBA must include the required components:

    • ABC data that has been analyzed by the IEP team to identify strategies designed to reduce the problematic behavior and teach replacement behaviors


    The request must be submitted in writing  to the Director of Special Education who will designate a CET FBA team prior to obtaining a parent signature on the REED.


    An assigned CET FBA team will include:

    • EUPISD behavior specialist

    • School social worker

    • School psychologist

    • FBA coordinator

    • Other FBA team members as applicable


    A CET FBA will include the following components:

    • Teacher interview(s) - completed by FBA team

    • Parent interview(s) - completed by FBA team

    • Student interview - completed by FBA team

    • Observations - completed by FBA team

    • ABC data collection - completed by the district and submitted to the FBA team

    • ABC data analysis - completed by FBA team

    • Log of Interventions Attempted - completed by the district and submitted to FBA team

    • Intervention Recommendations - suggestions from FBA team to IEP team

    • Weekly check regarding progress - completed by FBA coordinator


    Separate from the FBA report, the ISD will provide the local district with technical assistance guidance for the purpose of communication and collaboration regarding best practices in the provision of FAPE.