• Manufacturer Malfunctions
    If a pedometer is not working due to manufacturer malfunctions, please give the student a replacement pedometer at no cost to them.  At the end of each testing window malfunctioning pedometers are to be sent to the EUPISD where we will seek replacement from the manufacturer.

    Broken/Missing Pedometers
    If a student breaks or loses their pedometers, they are expected to pay a replacement cost of $8 before being given a new pedometer (as was part of the signed parent agreements).  CSH Facilitators will collect the money and at the end of each testing window turn that money into their School Business Office.  The EUPISD will bill the school for each broken or missing pedometers.  CSH Facilitators will need to communicate with Heather Mitchell (hmitchell@eup.k12.mi.us) as to how many broken/missing pedometers there were for that testing period, so we know how many to bill for.  Also, please communicate if you need additional pedometers for your school.  At the end of each testing window, broken pedometers are to be sent to the EUPISD.  

    Ultimately, it is up to the teacher/CSH facilitators to determine if the pedometer malfunctioned or was broken.  We will trust your judgement.