• Policy Goals!
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    We are looking for two policies to be adopted by April 2015 or sooner:
    1. Nutrition Policy
    2. Physical Education and Activity Policy 
    Creating a Nutrition Policy: 
    Our goal is to adopt policies that require nutrition standards to be met across all venues within a school (vending, fundraising, rewards, class parties, concessions, etc...) 
    The Michigan Nutrition Standards Tool-Kit (lots for CSHTs) 
    (Make sure your are using this amazing resource!  So many great tools!) 
    The State's Model Wellness Policy from 2005
    (ALL public schools offering federally supported school lunch had to create a wellness policy in 2005, so this may be a good place to start): 
    The State's Model Policy on Healthy Food Outside Lunch Programs from 2003 
    Creating a Physical Education Policy 
    Our goal is to get as close to the model policy on physical education as possible.  This is one of the "best practices" to choose to receive additional foundation allowance.  We also want to have policies reflect a more robust physical activity portion of the policy...i.e. students cannot be held in from recess because work is not complete, or students cannot be withheld physical activity as punishment, but instead will be offered an alternative to recess that involves physical activity, such as walking the perimeter of the playground under supervision, etc... 
    The State's Model Physical Education Policy from 2012
     Policy Assessment Tool!