5-12th GRADES! 
    Students, Please fill out the Fruit and Veggie Survey by clicking on the link. This is to be taken once a testing window. 
    When you are finished, please click "DONE" 
    Click Done pic

    1st: September 22-October 10th: 
    2nd: November 2014: 
    3rd: February 2015: 
    4th: April 2015: Click Here
    TEACHERS of K-4th GRADES! 
    2014-2015 Survey CLICK HERE
    Teachers please download & print the survey above for each testing window.  Please follow the same testing windows as above.

    This survey is to be taken by students ONCE every testing window. 
    Please have your students fill out the survey and feel free to give them the level of support they need for their developmental stage.
    Return completed surveys to the Coordinated School Health Facilitator at your school. They will return all results to the PEP U.P. staff at the ISD, where they will be tabulated.
    *There is no need to put a child's name on the survey.