• Pedometer Usage
    K-4th grades wear the pedometer 4 consecutive days and steps are logged by the classroom teacher.
    5-12th grades wear the pedometer 7 consecutive days and the steps are logged by the teacher.
     Logging K-12 steps made quick and easy!
    1. Log into Illuminate with your normal login.
    2. Click on Assessment Link
    3. ALWAYS Click CLEAR before starting anything!
    4. Search for key word PEDOMETER
    5. Locate the Assessment you are trying to find and filter the Assessment to suit your needs (ie. by class, grade, etc.).
    6. Enter the Pedometer data for the correct number of days, either 4 or 7 and also include the student's PACER/Cardio result (Y/N) as well.
    7. Make sure to CLICK the SAVE button in order for data to be submitted.  If this step is missed we cannot pull the data in our reports.
    If you need additional help. please see the Help Document on the ISD website under:
       Curriculum --- Assessment DNA --- PEP Up 
    *Printable template- If for any reason you need a hard copy template before entering the data in Illuminate DNA, you can print and use this form Click Here