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    Students that receive Physical Education will be asked to participate in two data collection activities that require parent consent. 

    1.  Students will be sent home with pedometers during 5 testing windows in year 1, and 4 testing windows in years 2 and 3. The goal is to track how much physical activity kids are getting a day.  Our hope is that the amount of physical activity will increase over the next 3 years.

    • K-4th grades will have 4 day long testing windows
    • 5-12th grades will have 7 day long testing windows
    • Students will wear pedometers home during the testing windows.  We ask that parents help their children take care of the pedometer and make sure students bring their pedometer back to school each morning.
    • We will have a small amount of back-up pedometers in case of loss or breakage, but if we do not have any more replacements, we will ask that the parent pay to replace a lost or broken pedometer, at a cost (Broken means that the pedometer was not used with care, or treated improperly, resulting in breakage).

    2. Students will have their BMI (weight and height) checked once a year. Please be assured that this will be done confidentially, meaning that no other students or staff will know your child’s height and weight.  It will be used for data collection purposes and your child’s specific data will not be identified.  Reports will be by school and region, not individual students.


    Other school-wide goals for your schools to achieve are to: