Random Moment Time Study


    Michigan School-Based Services Program Random Moment Time Study (RMTS)

    The Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District (EUPISD) is participating in the Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) process for the School-Based Services Program.  Eligible participants include but are not limited to Administrators, Audiologist, Counselors, Early Identification/intervention Personnel, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Assistant, Program Specialist, Psychologist, Registered Nurse, Social Worker, Social Worker – Master’s Degree, Speech-Language Pathologist, Teacher Consultant, Case Managers and Personal Care Service Providers.


    This RMTS is being performed to gather information about the amount of time that certain school staff members spend performing direct service activities in support of special education students. This information is needed to determine federal reimbursement for which your ISD and district are eligible. It is important that you clearly describe the activity you are performing. If unsure, please contact Andrea VanSloten, Medicaid Coordinator for the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District at (906) 632-3373 ext, 5109.


    What is a Random Moment Time Study?

    Random Moment Time Study is the methodology that Michigan has been using for several years in order to determine the amount of time school staff members spend on activities that are in support of the Medicaid program. 


    When is the RMTS?

    The RMTS will occur on a quarterly basis throughout the school year. You could be chosen at any point to participate in one or more of these random moment time study surveys.


    What will I have to do for the RMTS?

    In the Random Moment Time Study, a “moment” is one minute of time.  Completion of the time study moment will require you to answer five questions regarding the activity you were performing during that one moment of work time.


    If you are selected to participate, you will simply need to complete a RMTS survey. Completing the moment should take no more than ten minutes of your time. It is important that if you are selected to complete a RMTS survey that you do so in a timely manner. You will receive an email from ClaimingSystem@pcgus.com notifying you that you have been selected, and a link for completing your time study will be included in the message.  Please contact Andrea VanSloten if you need more information about completing your time study.


    What if I have questions about the RMTS process?

    Contact Andrea VanSloten, Medicaid Coordinator, at the EUPISD at (906) 632-3373 ext. 5109.


    (Information adapted from Wayne RESA)