Parental Consent

  • Parental Consent - Medicaid

    Due to recent changes in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), districts are required to notify and obtain consent from families whose students qualify for Medicaid.

    Parental consent means the following:

    • To be fully informed about the School-Based Services program.

    • To provide consent to release school records containing the student’s information to Michigan Medicaid and billing agencies for the purpose of participating in the School-Based Services program.

    • To understand that consent is voluntary and can be revoked.


    Parental Consent Letter

    If no signature is obtained from the parent/guardian at the IEP meeting, that does not relieve the district from this requirement. Each district should establish a procedure for obtaining permission when the parent/guardian does not sign the consent form at the IEP meeting. This letter may be used for that purpose.

    If the Parent/Guardian does not return a signed copy of either the SBS Parental Consent Form or the SBS Parental Consent Letter, the district should make a "final parental consent request."

    Districts may use the School-Based Services Parental Consent cover letter when requesting parental consents via U.S. Mail.