• Instructions for Requesting SCECH Program Approval

    A completed SCECH Program Application and agenda should be submitted to the EUPISD, Attn: Jill Coates, SCECH Coordinator, 315 Armory Place, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783, no less than 40 days prior to the start of the program.  Applications must be in the system 30 calendar days prior to the start date or the application will automatically be rejected by the MDE.

    Program agendas must contain the following:

    • Title of the offering:  This must be the same title as the online application
    • Date(s) of the program
    • Clearly defined timeframes for each section
    • Clearly marked calculations for the number of contact hours and SCECHs requested
    • Program agendas for face-to-face programs must be in Adobe PDF (.pdf) format, but 310 KB or less in size, and attached to the online application. 

    The following does not count as contact time:

    • Welcome, introduction of speaker, housekeeping issues (list separately on agenda)
    • Breaks and meals
    • Keynote speeches during meals
    • Working lunches
    • Homework
    • Preparation time for offerings
    • Registration of participants
    • Orientation of staff personnel
    • Non-instructional committee meetings
    • Conference or assemblies for policy-making purposes and business meetings of societies and associations
    • Attendance at entertainment events
    • Individual, self-directed studies, or other forms of independent learning experiences
    • Independent writing of articles or research reports or the presentation of reports

    Flexibility can be built into the agenda to provide time for participants arriving late/leaving early or sessions ending early. For example, if there are 5 1/2 contact hours, you may offer the program for 5 SCECHs.  The remaining 30 minutes can be used as flexibility.  Do not show this flex time when completing the application into the online system, just the maximum total contact hours an individual is eligible to earn. Flexibility may not be used as the time for breaks.

    You will be notified once MDE approval has been received.

    Upon completion of the program, paperwork must be submitted within two weeks to Jill Coates, EUPISD.