• Promotion and Public Relations

    Below are some resources you might use to promote and publicize your group and your work!  Community buy-in will give your group importance, prestige and most importantly increase its effectiveness! 
    This would be great to start discussing around Step 3 and 4!
    Other Tips:
    • Start a Facebook Page
    • Send letters and updates sharing the team's progress home with students
    • Create a Youth Advisory Council or team that advises the CSHT
    • Make the team's accopmplishments, meeting agendas, signs, etc...visible at school events
    • See if team members will volunteer to provide healthy treats for holiday parties at school
    • Have your administrator, a team member, or you yourself as a facilitator, make announcements at school events about the team's work, vision, goals, etc...
    • Send out press releases for all accomplishments, big or small.  Many times our local papers, especially in the smaller areas, are looking for such things to fill pages
    • Invite political representatives: township, city, county, state, etc.... to a meeting or event sponsored by your team