•   Step 3: Identifying Needs and Creating an Action Plan
    PEP U.P. Schools should be working on the PE and Nutrition policies.  This need was already identified, so please move forward in that direction.  See the policy models under PEP Specific links to the left.
    Step 3: Identifying Needs and Creating an Action Plan (1.5 - 2 hours)
    In this step you will see where the needs are from HSAT, coupled with the local MIPHY student behavior data and community environment factors.  You will design an action plan (this can take time) that includes at least one goal.  Your group may be bold or some solutions may come easy for your group, while other teams may struggle to find resources and solutions.
    Here is a template letter to send to team members, or possible team members.  Remember, in person asks are always best, with a letter to follow up.  Also you can copy and paste this into an e-mail instead of mailing.
    When writing your goal, please make it SMART :)
    Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. 
    *Please also think about how you will evaluate goals.
    Sometimes you will get resistance when trying to make changes.  A common example is trying to make changes to school lunch menus, or instituting a healthy food party policy, or adopting stricter bully-free school policies, or adopting 24/7 tobacco free policies, etc.....
    This information is meant to help you resolve any conflicts that might arise from changes in policy, programming, etc...