• Step 2: Needs Assessment (HSAT)

    PEP U.P. Schools did the HSAT already, and will do the SHI at the end of year 3.  For now, just review your HSAT results around Physical Health and Nutrition and move forward.  If you are a PEP U.P. school you do NOT need to redo the HSAT at this time.  
    Step 2: Needs Assessment (HSAT) (Up to 3 hours-depending on how you design the completion of the HSAT)
    In this step you will ensure that there is a basic, common knowledge about coordinated school health and then move into your needs assessment.  You should review key pieces of the EUP MIPHY data, or your district's specific data if they took it, and also any other data that helps inform the team of where student needs are in respect to student behavior and the community. 
    THIS MAY NEED TO BE SPLIT INTO TWO MEETINGS, or you can assign sub-groups to research certain parts of MIPHY and report key findings.  MIPHY has A LOT of data!
    Now, as a team you will complete, or revisit if your school previously did it, the HSAT (Healthy School Action Tool).  It is recommended that you take a half day to do this if you are doing as a whole group. Since this will be a long meeting, make sure that refreshments are available, the meeting space in comfortable, and that you take breaks.  You could also assign components where individual team have expertise and then have them enter the data at their leisure over the next week.  This would shorten the meeting time, but may not be best practice...you have to do what works for your team though.
    For whole group completion, you could have a laptop and projector set up so people can add input in real time, while the recorder enters the data into the HSAT. Alternative approachs include assigning areas of HSAT and have people enter the data on their own, on their own time, or in sub-groups. 
    The HSAT will allow you to see where gaps and needs are in your systems in relation to school health.
    Link to HSAT (Healthy School Action Tools)
    Link to MIPHY
    You will need to scroll down and look under County Reports and then click on the "2009-2010 Cycle" and "Chippewa, Luce, Mackinaw".  You may want to check and see if your district took the MIPHY (7 area schools did), and if so, ask if you can see and share district MIPHY results.
    (again, you may need 2 meetings, as data takes time to analyze...prep work on your part is key.  See if a couple volunteers will help you examine data from MIPHY before the meeting to help guide discussion)
    You should ensure that you have web access, a computer, or computers if people are working in sub-groups, and any other technical needs taken care of before meeting.