• Step 1: Get together and create a Vision

    Step 1: Get Together and Create a Vision (1.5 hours)

    In this step, you hopefully have an understanding of what the Coordinated School Health Programs framework looks like and what a team should be.  Step 1 will take you through the steps, with resources ready to use, of how to get started and get that first team meeting off the ground.  You will meet, look at why coordinated school health programs are important, and look at some regional data. 
    For some of our small schools, some of these members will be difficult to find.  Please note, this list is just a tool to help guide you.  Do the best you can.  Parents are a MUST though!
    The best way to get people to come is a personal invite and written invitation together.  Do the best you can.  You can also copy and paste the letter into an e-mail instead of printing and sending
    "School-aged children are socially, emotionally and physically healthy and engaging in behaviors that promote lifelong health and academic achievement within a supportive family, school and community environment." MDE
    *Your Vision Statement does not have to be as elaborate at this point
    This works great as a transperancy or in a power point.
    Use as a handout, transperancy or ppt.
    Tools to help you create a vision
    munity environment.