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    Thank you for your willingness to facilitate the process of facilitating Coordinated School Health Team and being the liaison for health in your buildings/districts!  Below is an outline of best practice for this year.  We know you are all very busy and each team will have different strengths and barriers.  Please use the follwoing pages and resources as a touchstone and guide to help you along your journey.

    Your Journey Starts Here!
    To help you be successful in this endeavor, we have organized the resources you may need as you go in the following links on this page.  Here is an overview of what you will find.  
    PEP Specific notes are highlighted in yellow on the following pages once you click on them.


    Step 1: Get Together and create a Vision (Meeting 1.5 to 2 hours)

    In this step, you hopefully have an understanding of what the Coordinated School Health Programs framework looks like, and what a team should be.  Step 1 will take you through the process, with resources ready to use, of how to get started and get that first team meeting off the ground.  Your team will meet, look at why coordinated school health programs are important, and look at some regional data. You will start to develop a common knowledge about school health. 


    Step 2: Needs Assessment (Meeting up to 3 hours--depending on how you design)

    In this step you will continue to develop a common knowledge about school health.  You will do the HSAT (Healthy School Action Tool) in this meeting.  It is recommended that you take a half day to do this. Since this will be a long meeting, make sure that refreshments are available, the meeting space in comfortable, and that you take breaks.   

    Step 3: Identifying Need and Creating a Plan(Meeting 1.5 to 2 hours)

    In this step you will see where the needs lie, and you will design an action plan (this can take time) that includes at least one goal.


    Step 4: Take Action (Teams are working in sub-groups and communicating via phone and e-mail)

    In this step you will implement the plan, celebrate achievements and RECOGNIZE CONTRIBUTIONS.  Also, make sure you evaluate the process and outcomes from your plan and goal.


    Step 5: Regroup, Evaluate and Review Commitment (your call on time of meeting)

    In this step you will build community reputation, deepen the group’s commitment to the vision, recruit new members and develop new leaders, and adapt and expand the action plan.
    Bonus!  Here is a link to the Guide Book to School Health Councils (same as CSHTs) from American Cancer Society.  If you need more guidance at any time use this guidebook! Many of the sample documents used in this guide are attached on the "Step" pages on this site and are in word format so you can edit them to your specific needs.  If you need one that I did not upload to the site, just send me an e-mail requesting it!