Reading Recovery Is

    • Short-term, early intervention that prevents further difficulities in literacy
    • One-to-one teaching, individualized towards the student
    • Provided to only the lowest-achieving first-grade readers
    • Supplementary to good classroom teaching
    • Data-driven to continuously monitor a child's progress
    • Adopted as a school initiative by the school staff
    • Long-term school commitment for lowest-achieving first-grade students
    • Provided by a specially-trained, certified teacher
    • Ongoing professional development for teachers

Reading Recovery Is Not

    • Group or classroom instruction
    • The only reading instruction a child receives
    • Delivered by volunteers or paraprofessionals
    • A program purchased for teachers
    • A long-term service for children
    • A comprehensive program to improve literacy achievement in all grades
    • A program that labels children through extneded testing for disabilities
    • A substitute for good classroom teaching
    • A quick-fix
Last Modified on February 15, 2018