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    What is the MiPHY
    MIPHY, the Michigan Profiles for Healthy Youth, is a comprehensive, needs assessment survey that assesses students' risk behaviors at 7th, 9th and 11th grades.  It is given every other year. 
    While you do not need active consent from parents/guardians to give this survey, you must notify parents/guardians that you will be giving the survey and that they may opt their student out.  There is a parent letter template available.  
    This survey usually takes a class period, is free to all schools, and is done via computer.  The survey is completely anonymous and confidential, and individual students WILL NOT be identified.  Moreover, students can choose whether to take the survey, can choose not to answer every question, and can stop taking the survey at any time.
    District and building level data from this survey will be made available to those you given clearance by the Superintendent and Principal at the local level.  Public data does not identify districts and is released as EUP-wide data. 
    For more information, contact Lisa Jo Gagliardi (906)-632-3373 ext. 132