• November 13, 2012
    Common Ground:  the one where you find a partner and find something in common...
    5-3-1:  the one where you choose five words linked to today's learning...
    Gots and Wants:  a way to structure the "parking lot" to get both learning and needs
    Done/Yet-to-do Questions:  a way to categorize and prioritize tasks
    Power of Words:  the video with the blind beggar where the lady re-writes his sign...
    January 24, 2012
    7-11 Conversations:  the one with the "chatty" summaries of the meeting where you walk around and share
    3-2-1 Plus 1:  three ideas from the last meeting, two ideas to explore today, one point to ponder - plus notes
    Say Something:  a protocol for partner reading; two people read silently, simultaneously to the same point then "say something"
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