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Proposed changes to the Math and Science Centers Network:
 The MiSTEM Council was created by Governor Snyder to determine STEM education / workforce needs for the state.  They recently released their findings, along with suggestions to the governor in this report.  The report commends the work of the Math and Science Centers Network.  It then suggests that the name of the Math and Science Centers be changed to STEM Centers.  Reading further, this is not simply a name change, but an elimination of the Centers in their current configuration and funding.  Rather than 33 Centers across the state housed at ISDs (like the EUP Math and Science Center) focused on K-12 professional development and student services, the report calls for 10 STEM Centers (1 per prosperity region), at Institutes of Higher Education focused on connecting business and education. In the Upper Peninsula, this would mean that we would be reducing the number of centers from 5 to just 1, which would make it nearly impossible to maintain the current level of services provided.
 What does this mean for the EUPISD?
According to the proposed budget in this report, this would be the last year (2016-17) that the Eastern Upper Peninsula Mathematics and Science Center would receive state funding. This equates to a loss of $47,387 in state grant funds.  Additionally, it could mean the loss of over $294,000 in leveraged STEM program support (based upon 2016-17 numbers). Please read the EUPISD impact statement to clarify this messaging. 
Please use the following links to support the EUP Math and Science Center and the Michigan Math and Science Centers Network:
 The Eastern Upper Peninsula Mathematics and  Science Center is one of the 33 regional centers in the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network. These centers provide leadership, curriculum support, professional development, and student services to educators in local school districts. The centers also serve as a resource clearinghouse for educational materials and information, and work to foster community involvement in the areas of mathematics and science. The Network supports the delivery of high quality mathematics and science education for the students of Michigan. The long-term mission of the Center is to foster systemic improvements in mathematics and science education through accomplishment of the following goals:
    • To promote collaboration, communication, and practices that embody the vision for 21st Century mathematics and science education.
    • To provide all students in the Eastern Upper Peninsula with access to improved instruction and learning opportunities that enhance employment opportunities.
    • To support teachers with professional development opportunities that enable and sustain effective teaching.
    • To support schools and districts as they establish and regularly review and strengthen curricula.
    • To inform representatives of business, higher education, museums, governmental agencies, and the community at large about issues in mathematics and science education, and be engaged in reform through collaboration and sharing of resources.
    • To identify and share human and instructional resources.
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Last Modified on March 9, 2017